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Consider the following...

Personal information is everywhere and is easily accessible to identity thieves.

Identity theft reperesents America's fastest growing crime.

Last year, an estimated 10 million people were victimized.

Victims can spend up to 2 years and thousands of dollars clearing their name.

Identity theft can affect your ability to conduct normal daily affairs.


Types of Identity Theft.

There are over 25 different types of identity theft, which we classify into three primary areas:

  • Financial
  • Criminal
  • Other Types

Financial ID Theft

Most people have financial relationships and some degree of established credit. Financial identity fraud can occur within every opportunity to manipulate new or existing financial relationships. Because of the vast array for potential abuse, it is important to monitor each of your financial relationships. Credit reports provided by the three main credit bureaus are perhaps the best way to monitor existing and any newly created fraudulent relationships.

Criminal ID Theft

A significant burden of identity fraud can occur when an imposter commits a crime in your name. If the imposter has false identification, they can masquerade as you and commit felony or misdemeanor crimes. They can present false ID in the event the authorities catch them. If the crime is serious, they may go to jail and have their fingerprints taken but if the crime is less serious or if they escape the scene, you may receive a notice to appear in court for violations you are not responsible for. A criminal record can be posted nationwide to your identity and you may not realize this until you apply for a job, apply for credit, or a warrant for your arrest is issued. In some cases, the ability to clear your record is more difficult in criminal fraud verses financial fraud.

Other Types of ID Theft

An imposter may obtain employment in your good name. If so, your primary problem rests with the Social Security Department and the Internal Revenue Service which may believe you are underreporting income and evading taxes.

Social Security Fraud
There are a variety of abuses that are conceivable with a fraudulent SSN. A few include:

Obtaining various types of benefits, i.e., disability, workman's compensation, health benefits.
Concealing income
Filing for tax refunds
Obtaining student loans
Obtaining food stamps

A list of frauds to consider include:
Application Fraud
Bankruptcy Fraud
Cellular Fraud
Charity Fraud
Check Fraud
Commercial Loan Fraud
Computer Fraud
Confidence Fraud/Con Games
Consumer Loan Fraud
Credit Card Fraud
Drug Trafficking
Election Fraud
Food Stamp Fraud
Gaming Fraud
Insurance Fraud/False Claims
Investors Fraud
Merchants Fraud
Medical-Health Fraud
Money Laundering
Pyramid Schemes
Real Estate-Mortgage Fraud
Securities Fraud
Social Security Benefit Fraud
Student Loan Fraud
Workers' Compensation Fraud

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