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Outstanding Service

The service I received was outstanding, so I sent a letter to the CEO of my financial institution that selected IFI as their partner.

B. Richardson,

Core Identity Protection® - Individual

Optimize your identity protection by leveraging the low-cost and best-in-class benefits provided by the IFI Core Identity Protection plan, together with protection you can obtain for free. By law, you can obtain free credit reports and place free fraud alerts on your credit files, which are good action steps when combined with Core Identity Protection.
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Purchasing the Core Identity Protection plan will include the following:

Annual Protection - Your annual protection begins immediately following your successful enrollment as verified by your Order Confirmation and/or email confirmation to you. Thirty (30) days prior to your renewal, we will email you and alert you to Plan updates, your renewal date, and other pertinent details. Maintaining protection over time helps ensure you have proper identity protection and the best defense against fraud.

Proactive VRS Elite™ Prevention - You may 'opt-in' to activate free credit bureau fraud alerts, remove your name from solicitation lists, obtain credit freeze enrollment letters and receive similar prevention assistance and support. Simply contact VRS Elite support staff or to view our prevention tips for more details, click here.

VRS Elite™ Unlimited Victim Resolution Services - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our VRS Elite™ specialists are available to take control and assist you with fraud resolution, no matter what type or how you experience identity theft. For more details on how to save valuable time, money and frustration and what VRS Elite™ provides, click here.

Identity Insurance - Identity insurance can be critcal in the event of loss. Each active Member is provided $25,000 of identity fraud insurance coverage (Member Indemnity Benefits) to cover certain expenses associated with identity fraud. Identity insurance is underwritten by an A-rated insurer.

Loss Prevention & Resource Guide - A comprehensive resource guide available online. The Guide includes loss prevention steps to follow to reduce the likelihood of becoming an identity fraud victim. It also includes detailed analysis on privacy and security issues together with worksheets and action items to help gain back your identity.

Family Protection Discounts - You can protect yourself, your spouse or domestic partner, and dependents (up to the age of 23) with our Family Plan, which represents our best pricing option. However, at any point under the Individual Plan, you may add protection for family for only $19.95 per person. Family members may include a spouse, domestic partner, child, parent, grandparent, brother or sister. Each individual will have $25,000 of identity insurance and benefit from VRS Elite™.

Expense Coverage Upgrades - Show details on Expense Upgrades.

Members Only Savings - As a Member, you will receive discounts on identity related protection products, like credit solutions. For example, single bureau credit monitoring is discounted to $44.95. Discounts are available in the Members Section only.

Risk Video - An online video that speaks to the items presented in the IFI Loss Prevention & Resource Guide. The video is available at the Member's section and can assist the learning and comprehension of guide materials.

Elite ID Alerts, Newsletters & More - Receive frequent Elite ID Alerts on identity fraud issues together with an informative quarterly newsletter that includes valuable information on identity fraud helping to keep you aware of the changing exposure of fraud and the need for good practices. 

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