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Cyber liability insurance

has become an essential layer of security for every business. If you are a small business or have SMB customers, contact IFI or their distributors.
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IFI cyber insurance and risk management solutions for SMBs provide maximum benefit for the least cost. Learn more about the uniqueness of IFI Cyber and Business Identity Fraud Insurance solutions. Previous  |  Next

Consider the following...

Personal information is everywhere and is easily accessible to identity thieves.

Identity theft continues to be a rampant and troubling crime in America.

Each year, an estimated 10 million people are victimized.

Identity theft can affect your ability to conduct normal daily affairs.


Web Site Links

We have created several useful links that can help educate you on consumer identity fraud related issues. After reviewing the links, we encourage you to return to our site and see the solutions we have developed to help protect your identity exposures.

Separately, it is equally (if not more) important for business owners to be educated and protected from data breach and business identity fraud risks. For more details, see our business solutions link above, or our SMB site at https://biz.identityfraud.com.

Personal Record Links

State Department of Motor Vehicles
Your local DMV may have details on you that can be important to review. For more details and links to your DMV, click here.

Medical Information Bureau (MIB)
MIB is a not-for-profit trade association that provides individuals and insurance firms with medical related records. Although MIB does not report actual details about a person's medical condition or problem, insurance firms may utilize MIB when offering or considering an offer for insurance.

MIB estimates that only 20% of consumers have a record with MIB. Reviewing what, if any, records MIB may have on you can be useful.

For more information on MIB or to obtain your MIB record, visit www.mib.com. (MIB may charge $9.00 to provide your record, or record may be free pursuant to the FACT Act)

provides important information on Social Security cards and the process for obtaining new cards if you can prove that you're being disadvantaged because someone used your Social Security Number.

has useful information about identity fraud, internet fraud, telemarketing fraud, and up to date information on related schemes. The DOJ serves as the US Prosecutor of federal crimes.

has developed the Internet Fraud Complaint Center together with the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) to aid and protect consumers in this largely unregulated environment.

has numerous articles and guides on how to better manage and use financial services along with specific articles on identity fraud.

is the US government's central web site for identity fraud or theft. In October 1998, Congress passed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998 (Identity Theft Act) making identity theft/fraud a federal crime. The law required the FTC to establish procedures to centralize complaints, provide consumer education services for victims of identity theft, and refer complaints to appropriate entities. The law also gave the FTC the authority to request federal monies (appropriations) to carry out its central role.

Postal Inspectors
investigate cases of identity fraud because much of the criminal activity takes place through the mail. This site can help you learn more about mail fraud practices.

The Secret Service
is a bureau within the US Treasury Department. Its primary investigative mission is to safeguard the payment and financial systems of the United States.

Privacy Protection
Useful information on identity theft, laws, and pending California legislation.

Privacy Rights Education Program was established to bring attention to the issue of privacy rights within the financial services arena and in credit reporting.

was established in 1994 and operates as a public interest research center in Washington, D.C. EPIC's focus is to bring public attention to emerging civil liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values. The site has archived and up to date information, articles, and links on a variety of topics including laws, trends, and technologies.

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
is a non-profit organization with valuable information and articles on identity fraud and subjects relating to privacy.

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