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Simple or Complex.

Planning and response can be simple or complex, but is certainly mission critical in today's world of competition, mandates, expectations and liabilities.

Consider the following...

Nearly all states now have data breach notification laws.

Breach notification laws (tend to) pertain to the residence of your customer and not the domicile of your business.

Outsourcing to notification services saves time and money, while eliminating errors.




Secure - Compliant Legal Notification / PR

Today more than ever before, legal notice programs play a critical role in the successful implementation of complex data breach scenarios. With the proliferation of communication methods, legal notice has become even more complex and challenging. Now consider the prospects of operating in, or having customers in, each of the fifty states.

IFI and select partners lead in the design and execution of legal notice programs by providing full-service capabilities (at any scale) with a fully integrated team of professionals who provide counsel and support from notice design to affidavits and testimony. The cadre of professionals includes experts in law, media and public relations, advertising, marketing, technical writing, graphic design, video and audio production, direct mail, and the Internet.

Notice Services

We approach each legal notice program by first conducting thorough research. We look at the specifics of the individual case, including:

  • Nature of the claim
  • History of the situation
  • Target audience's demographics, geography and media habits
  • Size and validity of mailing lists
  • Notice time constraints
  • Allocated budget

In designing the program, we assess all communication options and their respective costs. A program may consist of many different elements. In designing the program, we consider the various options and carefully assess what is most appropriate for the individual case.

The Execution

We execute each program with a careful eye to detail and efficiency. In fact by outsourcing, we will likely save you from making the same common mistakes that others make while responding at the height of a chaotic crisis event. For each program, we have an assigned case manager to make the process easier. Throughout the implementation period we are in close contact with our clients, providing them with regular status reports on the progress of the effort and confirmations at key stages of the notice (e.g., ad placement, mailed notice). Additional complete execution may include affidavits supporting activity and documentation and testimony in the case of challenges, among other deliverables.

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