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Simple or Complex.

Planning and response can be simple or complex, but is certainly mission critical in today's world of competition, mandates, expectations and liabilities.

Consider the following...

Identity Fraud, Inc. is a licensed insurance intermediary operating in all 50 states.

Our infrastructure and experience allow for the efficient and legal procurement and delivery of benefits, whether you or your clients have lost 100 records or 100 million records.


Identity Insurance / Monitoring Tools

Identity Fraud, Inc. delivers several solutions intended to mitigate the impact on potentially affected consumers, which directly correlates to the potential impact on the brand and loss severity. During pre-breach incident response planning, we help evaluate both probable loss scenarios together with possible loss scenarios to measure and design appropriate response(s). Not all cases of data breach are catastrophic in nature, however, proper preparation needs to consider the worst-case scenario. Ideally, a written incident response plan is in place prior to a breach occurring that considers the variations of loss. 

When response is required and the severity is investigated, cost effective remedies may include a) VRS Elite™ Resolution only, b) identity insurance only, and c) credit monitoring tools, and usually d) a combination of each. In determining an appropriate level of response, consider what information was lost/stolen, whether the theft was malicious and targeted and separately, how much you value your customers. In some cases, a response is required by law, but the exposure is minimal. In this case, the optimal customer benefit may simply be VRS Elite™ and identity insurance. More extreme cases can warrant more involved solutions.

Identity Fraud, Inc. provides certain core deliverables in-house and represents and/or brokers the procurement of other non-proprietary solutions at cost. Therefore, no matter which data breach eventuality may inflict the organization, a proper response and remedy can be quickly delivered within 48 hours to protect customers and the company. Certain benefits may be deployed immediately making it worthwhile to evaluate before any notice is delivered to the potentially affected parties.

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