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Simple or Complex.

Planning and response can be simple or complex, but planning is certainly mission critical in today's world of competition, mandates, expectations and liabilities.

Consider the following...

Personal information is everywhere and is easily accessible to identity thieves.

According to Javelin Strategy, individuals with records involved in a data breach are 4X more likely to become vicitms of identity theft then the gereral public.



Call Center / Victim Services

Identity Fraud, Inc. incident response is able to handle the largest of data breach cases, in part, based on our expertise and ability to scale. Separation of duties allows for efficiencies, for example, standard 'hotiline' customer service verses VRS Elite™ Unlimited victim resolution and case management provided by our FCRA Certified staff.

IFI routinely establishes toll-free numbers for projects we administer through our contact center.  In several projects, hundreds of thousands of calls were accommodated over a very short time period.  A team of customer service operators can supplement an interactive process, be trained in the specifics of each case and use prepared scripts of questions and answers for consistent and reliable responses. This team then escalates select cases to the VRS Elite™ team for ongoing case management. Click to find out more about VRS Elite™ services.

Timely response and capability is essential and helps to reduce the chaos that surrounds most data breach cases.

Having the expertise and scalability allows IFI to implement a customized program to meet your specific incident response needs and plans.

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