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Comprehensive. Flexible. Timely.

IFI is the only company that delivers both i) the full complement of consumer identity protection solutions and separately, ii) comprehensive cyber insurance and business identity insurance solutions for SMBs.


Information Area

    Business identity theft is a very real concern in today's marketplace. From a criminals perspective, it is significantly more cost effective to steal business identities as compared to consumer identities.

    Steve Cox, Better Business Bureau

Data breaches happen on multiple fronts: negligence, a rogue employee, stolen equipment, or a network security failure.

Consider the following...

Per our recent SME study, ninety-four percent (94%) of small businesses believe they are likely (and very likely) to lose confidential information in the next 12-24 months due to a negligent or temporary employee.

Ninety-eight percent (98%) believe malware will penetrate their network.

Nearly 2 out of 3 small businesses do not screen third party vendors.

Personal information is everywhere and is easily accessible to identity thieves.

Identity theft can affect your ability to conduct normal daily affairs.

Cybercrime Protection and Insurance for Businesses

Criminals and thieves are targeting businesses for quick and easy profit, with devastating consequences. They are not only successfully stealing private and invaluable customer information, but they’ve developed sophisticated cyber schemes to steal the actual identities of businesses like yours.

Business owners and officers must recognize that cybercrimes and business identity theft pose significant risks that can turn a business dream into an absolute nightmare. Protection is a smart move. In fact, in certain states and industry/vendor contracts, "cyber" or "privacy" insurance is now mandated

Since 1997, Identity Fraud, Inc. has had its pulse on data theft, cybercrime exposures and identity fraud. In that time, digital information has vastly increased in importance for both individuals and organizations. Identity Fraud Inc. helps organizations safeguard their invaluable digital information with a suite of products and services tailored specifically to the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

BIZLock Cybercrime Protection and Insurance

BIZLock®, backed by the experience of Identity Fraud Inc., provides comprehensive and affordable protection that helps companies prevent, protect and respond to the ever-increasing number of cyber attacks against their businesses, their employees, and their customers. BIZLock’s industry-leading risk management and insurance programs help businesses better protect and insure against cybercrime data breaches, privacy risks and business identity theft.

BIZLock provides organizations with the expert assistance and financial relief needed to confront a data breach or business identity theft head on. This means you have a range of consultancy services available to you - before, during and after a data breach incident - as well as financial assistance if a breach occurs.

Key Features Overview:

  • Exclusive identity fraud insurance for your business
  • Business identity fraud protection and cyber monitoring
  • Data breach liability insurance from A-rated insurers (covers liability, regulatory fines, PCI fines, breach response, extortion and more)
  • Automatic identity fraud protection for full time employees
  • Breach and Incident Response On-Demand (™)
  • Cybercrime monitoring tools
  • Victim resolution programs
  • Computer security services
  • Education and loss control eLearning programs
  • Management and reporting dashboards
  • Essential risk management and compliance services with premier industry partners

Ask your insurance agent/broker or sponsor about how your business can get protection using BIZLock at a discounted rate, or visit https://bizlock.net for more information.

Firms interested in distributing BIZLock as part of their portfolio of services should contact us to find out how to offer your clients these important protections


Identity Fraud, Inc. / BIZLock Insurance Services is a licensed program administrator and insurance intermediary operating in all 50 states. We provide credible solutions in a flexible environment allowing our clients and partners to better achieve their own objectives. For more information on any of our programs, please contact us at info@identityfraud.com.

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